HPQ Hewlett-Packard Co 2008 Revenue Net Income Profit Loss

Company Name: Hewlett-Packard Co
Stock Symbol: HPQ
Website: www.hp.com
Address: 3000 Hanover Street Palo Alto CA 94304
Phone #: (650) 857-1501
Fax #: (650) 857-1501
Employees #: 321,000
2008 Revenue: $ 118.4 B
2008 Profit/Loss: $ 8.3 B

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One Response to “HPQ Hewlett-Packard Co 2008 Revenue Net Income Profit Loss”

  1. disgruntled Says:


    HP made a staggering 8.3 billion net profit last year and have ordered all US staff to take a pay cut.

    Now hang on an minute.. 8.3 billion is a lot of money and if you split that over the 310,000 employees, thats over 26.500 dollars per head.

    So in other words each employee earned 26,500 dollars for the company – after they were paid, now HP is an IT company, so the average intelligence of one of its employees is going to be a lot higher than the national average 100, which means most of them can see through this fiasco like glass.

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